About Us

The Pan-African Rabies Control Network (PARACON) was formed under the secretariat of the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC), as an Africa-focussed advisory and networking initiative. PARACON was formed in order to unify individual networks – including those from different sectors - throughout Africa towards a ‘One Health’ approach to rabies elimination and control. PARACON facilitates the implementation of National rabies elimination plans as well as regional pilot projects, with a focus on sustainability through governmental support.

PARACON also aims to host biennial meetings where delegates from represented countries – as well as other international experts - come together to discuss challenges faced in their own countries, as well as to bring to the table new ideas and resolutions for rabies elimination and control in their region, and ensure governmental support for sustainable programmes. The meetings will strive to be ‘working meetings’ where intellectual and interactive discussions will form the core of the meeting, with new and innovative pilot projects and research to inspire discussion points.