In recent years, several rabies meetings in Africa progressively discussed the idea of forming a single Pan-African rabies expert network that will invite and collaborate with all current African rabies networks, creating a unified approach to rabies control and elimination. In light of this, the Pan-African Rabies Control Network (PARACON) was formed in 2014.

The Southern and Eastern African Rabies Group (SEARG) and African Rabies Expert Bureau (AfroREB), and any other interested African regional networks and countries were incorporated into PARACON.

The secretariat for PARACON is the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC): www.rabiesalliance.org

Through the cooperation and collaboration of the existing networks and partners in Africa, the first PARACON meeting was held in Gauteng, South Africa in 2015. Through the exceptional buy-in from the 33 participating African countries, the Tri-partite alliance of the OIE, WHO and FAO, as well as other organisations and industry partners at the inaugural PARACON meeting, PARACON became fully established and will act as the regional co-ordinating network for Africa.